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Traffic Management & Consultancy

Public street disruptions

At Traffic@AIFM, we specialise in security, crowd  and vehicular management in Our comprehensive solutions include security services, traffic control plans and traffic marshals. We strive to ensure worksites operate safely, and facilities are secured. Traffic marshals will help to facilitate people and vehicular traffic so that guests and visitors can enjoy a safe and secure experience.


Hospitality and Attraction

Our comprehensive traffic management services includes charting traffic, clearing valet crossings and guiding vehicles to the correct location to minimise time wasted as well as identifying areas of weakness to improve pertaining to traffic management via data collection and analysing traffic patterns, enabling your guests to move seamlessly from one venue to another and creating an overall positive experience

Educational zones

At ADVANER IFM, our traffic marshals services provide schools with road safety that are more crucial when there is a high traffic volume. As traffic marshals in schools - Maris Stella High School & Nan Hua High School, their responsibility is to regulate traffic, facilitate children’s safe crossing of the road and ensure that motorists park their vehicle in an orderly manner to pick up or drop off their children. This will help to ease traffic congestion around the vicinity of schools and better ensure the safety of the school community.

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