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Outrider and Escort Services


Escort Services

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Here at Traffic@AIFM, our escort services are provided to the highest standards of client satisfaction , allowing you to focus on your events  and feel safer.

Traffic@AIFM  has years of experience and experts in such a field, combining our manpower with advanced security technology and excellence of service

For our clients from banking services, our staff provide services to repair and maintain ATM machines, along with escort services for alarm response and investigation and permanent and temporary services.  

Escort For High Value Package 

At Traffic@AIFM, we understand that many clients have highly valuable packages that do not qualify for employment of Auxiliary police by the law.

As a Leading Firm in the Security Industry, Traffic@AIFM provides a niche service to alleviate our client's concerns in transporting these expensive products on an ad hoc basis 

At Traffic@AIFM, we pride ourselves with excellent and high quality service, utilising specialised vehicles, GPS and car camera for security audit and for your peace of mind 

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Escort Services For Construction

At Traffic@AIFM, our marshals are well trained in maintain the safety of work sites , providing project site entry administration, and escort services that help marshal people to walk the alternate pathways and prevent injuries or hindrance to your work with years of experience and involvement in bog projects such as the

We provide site escorts for large construction vehicles, alerting other smaller vehicles and human traffic to divert from the construction site, keeping traffic hazards to minimum.

Outrider Services

Here at Traffic@AIFM, our Outrider team is led by former police officers selected through a stringent process to provide only the best to protect high valued individuals and more!

The Outrider service aims to allow safe travel from place to place without delays and prepare for the unexpected. All officers on the team are equipped with top quality equipment with high visibility, establishing presence and deterring any potential acts that threaten your safety.

While engaging our services, our highly trained and well equipped officers will help you, our clients, have a peace of mind and be able to focus on other aspects of the event's success.

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