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Behind the Scenes - Traffic Escort & Traffic Marshals in Singapore

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind a Traffic Escort & Traffic Marshal Operation in Singapore?

The demand for traffic escorts, traffic marshals and traffic related services have been on the increase in recent years. This is partly due to the demands for an increase in emphasis on road traffic safety. Such as the #UseYourRoadSense Campaign by the Traffic Police in Singapore.

Traffic@Ashtree brings you behind the scenes on some interesting aspects of the equipment, planning & executing a professional & reliable traffic escort operation in Singapore.


Rolling out the big boys, the Yamaha XJ900 Diversion Motorcycle & Honda CB400X are just some of the models of escort motorcycles that Traffic@Ashtree uses during a traffic escort / traffic marshal assignment in Singapore.

Two years ago, the Yamaha XJ900 Diversion ruffled some feathers in Singapore as a rider was called out for being a "Traffic Police Wannabe". As some of you may know, the Yamaha XJ900 Diversion is one of the few motorcycle models used by the Traffic Police in Singapore for Traffic Patrol, Escort and Enforcement Operations in Singapore.

Safety is always at the heart of our traffic management & traffic control operations.

Here's a Traffic Police Officer in Singapore with the Yamaha XJ900 Diversion:

Decked out with the lights, beacons & the look, one can never miss the presence of this "Big Boy" when moving on the roads. Safety is always at the heart of our professional & reliable traffic marshal, escort & management services in Singapore.


The "full gear & outfit" as some might call it, is in fact necessary to ensure the safety & visibility of our Traffic Escort Outriders, Traffic Marshals & the other road users.

There has also been an increase in requests for traffic management & traffic control services for schools, events, weddings & funerals in Singapore.

There is a growing trend of engaging traffic marshals for Weddings & Funerals in Singapore.

Funerals? Yes, you bet! Even hearses are not immune to traffic accidents! Of course, everyone wants the departed to have a dignified sendoff. Just recently, on 19th November 2020, a funeral hearse carrying a coffin collided into a taxi in Singapore. Can you imagine how upsetting it was for the grieving family? The reputation of the undertaker would have been adversely affected as well.


Carrying out road works or construction works in Singapore's weather condition is never easy. Add on the perils of working alongside moving traffic or near blindspots. There are many accident-prone roads in Singapore & companies doing such works are also hopping on the bandwagon to engage traffic marshals in Singapore to ensure the safety of their workers & road users.

Traffic Accidents & Incidents are often avoidable & preventable.

Any accident would result in downtime, injuries, damages to equipment/ vehicles and even worse, death.


Every successful Traffic Control, Traffic Marshal & Traffic Escort operation requires detailed and meticulous planning. Understanding the client's requirements, demographics of the area & risk assessments are not child's play.

Traffic@Ashtree is led by former police officers who are experienced to design, plan & execute our operations.

Smooth as silk as some might term it.

So, if you are looking for Professional & Reliable Traffic Marshals, Traffic Escort & Traffic Escort Services, be sure to be on a lookout for Traffic@Ashtree.

Here's how you can contact Traffic@Ashtree (A Division of Ashtree International Pte Ltd):


A Divison of Ashtree International Pte Ltd

Contact: 6554 7333

Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #06-34, Singapore 573960

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